• Overview

    The Orange VR 360 App is designed for the technology enthusiasts who enjoy the virtual reality experience. It is a portal where you can create, view and store VR experiences with or without a headset.

    Project brief

    The aim of the project was to enhance the users experience by providing them with the capability of interacting with the virtual reality experience, through the use of new editing tools and to improve the usage of the app.


    Before I created the features, I had to figure out what would be the best editing tools to include. This involved me carrying out extensive research into the differing competitors of editing apps such as snapchat, Instagram and many others. I also looked into the up and coming trends that where on the rise and the ways in which we could utilise this in our app.

    Wire framing

    I then carried out some high-fidelity wireframes to shape the type of feature we were going to use and how they would work inside a 360 VR app.


    When working on the UX and UI for the editing menu I kept in mind my previous research and looked at how other applications went about solving similar problems such as cropping videos and what other video editing features they offered. Working alongside the video editor who created the 360 video content I was able to ensure the cohesive integration of the editing tools within the VR experience.


    When presenting the enhanced tools we presented it to the stakeholders with this PowerPoint presentation.


    The outcome of these new features once they have been implemented into the app in the next update is expected to increase the usage of the app and is expected to meet the expectations of both the users and stakeholders by improving the VR experience through the use of enhanced editing tools.



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