• Overview

    The McLaren breakdown app is produced by the AA, which allows McLaren drivers to have a bespoke breakdown service.

    Project brief

    To create a McLaren Breakdown app that helps the users to report and track a breakdown using the AA services. You can view the details of your vehicle and book in a service for your car.


    I used the McLaren website as the basis of my research in order to identify their brand guidelines, they mostly used grey, white, red and black, in which I made sure I carefully incorporated in my design. I made sure that the imagery of the vehicles stood out the most, as this is vital when selling a luxury lifestyle brand. This is something I had to keep in mind when producing the app.


    The design was based on the AA 3rd party template that we use for all additional apps, this involved reskinning many of the components to fit in with the McLaren guidelines. Creating new buttons and icons for the applications along with changing all the imagery. I had to resize all of the images, as they were high-resolution images, which were too big to fit on the device.


    As a result of the creation of this app the McLaren customers will be able to use this app to meet their desired needs in regards to accessing their breakdown cover and booking services. This is currently still being built and should be released by the end of 2018.



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