The Lloyds breakdown cover app is for Lloyds customers who pay for extra services such as insurance, home and breakdown cover etc. I produced the user interface and user experience for the app whilst working for the AA.

Project brief

The aim of the project was to create a breakdown cover app specifically for Lloyds customers, which enables them to access their breakdown cover and receive roadside assistance through the app. The project brief required me to incorporate the look and feel of the AA app with the brand guidelines of Lloyds bank. Therefore, providing both familiarity for Lloyds customers and brand awareness for the AA.


Before I went about creating the designs for this project I undertook some research by looking at the different types of branding that Lloyds have such as the colours they used on their website, the types of application they already have in use, etc. This enabled me to gauge what type of product that they would be looking for.



When creating the icon I kept in mind the hybrid approach of incorporating the AA brand with Lloyds bank, this lead me to think of different ways to merge the two brands, after many design tweaks this was the chosen design.


When creating the UI and UX I kept in mind my previous research. This lead me to use similar colours to Lloyds had on their website, making use of greens and greys. I used yellow in this design to incorporate the AA branding. When designing the layout I kept it similar to the AA app as many of the features that are included in the AA were also wanted by the client, I also kept in mind that if we kept our app design similar to our existing templates this would lower the development time and budget spent on this project.


As a result, we won the bid to build the app which gave the App team an increase in budget and allowed us to build more B2B partnerships.



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