• Overview

    LMG (London Market group) is one of the biggest corporate insurance companies in the UK. The contract that we were bidding on was for a 1 Billion pound project that gets split out into 8 different parts.

    Project brief

    Design and build a customer portal prototype to interface with the future London Market with a focus on claims.

    To use three scenarios as use cases to demonstrate how the possible experience of the future system

    To demonstrate how the experience created for these three scenarios would increase transparency and generally improve the claims experience

    User personas

    The user personas where set by the client, the personas represent the different type of users they have that would use the insurance portal, i kept in mind that each user would potentially see a different view or have different object when using the platform.


    When researching for this project we had to consider the objective of what where trying to complete and represent to the client, our goal was to complete the task but to also be viewed as leaders in innovation. Because of this reason we looked into engaging new markets and technologies such as cryptocurrencies, IOT technologies, drones, RFID technology, Chatbots and much more.

    Wire framing

    The wireframes where made to get an understanding of how the portal would work and what things we would like to include are incorporated into the design

    UI / UX Design

    When designing the UI I kept in mind the brand colours of LMG this is the reason I used the light orange colour and blue. I kept in mind that the chatbot was an integral part of the design. I made this so that the chatbot would guide you through the process of making a claim, I incorporated IOT technology, drones and much more

    Web Portal

    When designing this I kept in mind the different views that the users have. I came up with a solution that would cater to all weather it be a small or big account using the platform giving a scalable approach, I tried to incorporate a UI where you could plug in new technologies and make them incorporated in the environment.


    When designing the page for this we kept in mind the ease of use that a user would have when viewing this, we decided that the claims officer on the ground would get the power of control but the officer handling the claim would get a drone view so that they can see the damage being claimed.


    We decided to use the chatbot as a guide through the portal. Where it would help you fill out your claim. The chatbot helps the external user and the internal users by guiding them to what they need to do with alerts and conversational UI. I used chatbot society to create this animation that we used in the pitch.

    IOT Tech

    With this we looked into different types of IOT devices such as the Nest, Philips Hue and much more, we looked at the way IFTTT work with IOT devices. This gave me a good understanding on how to come up with user experience that would make it easy for a user to include these into their claim.


    I created the prototype with Marvel app, i decided to use this prototype tool as it allows you to embed video and this helped when showing how new technologies can be emerged in the user experience. The prototype shows the 3 different personas and each one has a different experience when using the portal.



    The pitch was a success and because of this we will now get future business from the client. It was great to see my work on the big screen and being shown to the movers and shakers of the insurance industry.


    As a result, we won 2 parts of the bid this was for IOT exploration and to create the customer portal. This bang in 250M into the company. The feedback we had from the presentation was great and they said that they viewed as a great innovation team.



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