• Overview

    This is the Honda breakdown cover app. Users will download this app if they receive breakdown cover from their Honda dealership. You can track your breakdown and book repairs for your vehicle. I created this app whilst working for the AA.

    Project brief

    To create an app that enables Honda owners to access their breakdown cover and request roadside assistance in the event of an breakdown or accidents. In addition to this the app enables users to track a breakdown and stay up to date with information about their vehicle.


    This involved me researching the branding for Honda using their website and existing apps. From this research I could see that the main colours they used where red, white, grey and black. I did various image searches and look at the different marketing materials to gauge the style of Honda’s brand.


    When creating the app I took into consideration the research that I previously done. I made sure that the images did not dominate the design and the user interface was still the main real estate on the screen. As this is an app that people mostly use when they have broken down, I wanted the UX to be as easy as possible to use.


    Honda customers can now use this app to report breakdowns and deal with the servicing of their vehicle. It is now widely used with the app gets thousands of downloads.



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