• Overview

    Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world allowing users to buy and sell currencies on their platform. Providing apps on android and IOS and a responsive website.

    Project brief

    This was for an interview task for a product designer role. The brief was to create a new feature in the Coinbase app to benefit the current users. The feature should help people buy and trade cryptocurrencies and add value to their audience.


    As I already have a huge interested in cryptocurrencies I applied my current knowledge of the markets into my design. Currently there seems to be an influx of companies specialising in different user cases.

    This led me to incorporate different features from other crypto companies. Such as being able to track your portfolio on the Coinbase app, as currently there are some competitors who provide this feature such as Blockfolio and Delta, which I researched when creating my design. Currently in the app you can only buy, sell and transfer but you do not have the ability to track the rest of your portfolio outside the app leading people to come away from coinbase and try out other products.



    When designing the screens for coinbase I created a new portfolio section in the navigation menu. I added features so that users can now add different currencies that are not currently sold on Coinbase and are now able to track the whole market. You can see how much profit or loss you have made on your trades and track the progress of your positions. I used the current Coinbase style guide as the basis for my design so that the new features are consistent with the current app design and to ensure that it doesn’t take away from the user experience.


    The Coinbase team where extremely happy with the design and suggested that they might use this concept in the future despite me rejecting the job offer as it was based in the United States.



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